How to install maps of Minecraft JAVA

To get started!

When purchasing a PrismaBuilds map built, you are accepting the terms and conditions of use !, So it is your decision to use the map in a conscientious and responsible manner. 

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First steps

After downloading the map built, you will have a ZIP or RAR file, which you will have to unzip and you will get some folders and files.

With these files you can install the map in two ways, By SCHEMATIC, or by WORLD.

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How to Load .Schematic Files

Schematic files can be loaded into Minecraft using a plugin called WorldEdit. There are two versions of WorldEdit, the original and FastAsyncWorldEdit (FAWE). FAWE is much better for loading large schematic files however both work. The links for either plugin are below.

Remember something, the .schem files are for versions 1.13 or higher, and the .schematic files are for versions 1.12 or lower.

Installing WorldEdit on Singleplayer Minecraft

Installing WorldEdit on a Minecraft Server:

All Minecraft builds sold on Prisma pre-built store are in a schematic file and world file. The file will be available for download after purchasing the product. To open the file, the client must download the plugin FastAsyncWorldEdit (Download: Once the schematic file is downloaded and FAWE is installed, put the schematic file in the “schematics” folder in pluginsasyncworldeditschematics. You will have to use FTP to do this or a program such as FileZilla. Once the schematic file is in the schematics folder, launch Minecraft, join the server, and do //schematic load [schematic filename]. Then paste the build using //paste or //paste -a.

If you have any issues, go to the contact page and send us a message. We would be more than happy to help you out.


How to Load WORLD Files

WORLD files can be loaded into minecraft using a plugin called MULTIVERSECORE (for servers), if you want to load the map in singleplayer, you should only unzip the initial ZIP / RAR file and there will be a folder with the name of the map, just put this folder inside Minecraft saves

Before loading the map make sure it is compatible with the version of your minecraft server

How to Add Extra Worlds to Your Minecraft Server (Multiverse Core).

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